Suggested Script

Hello, Mark, this is Malcolm McDowell.

Your friends Peter and J.J. tell me it’s your birthday, and that you’re the producer of several Halloween DVD featurettes, still stocking the shelves of Wal Marts and convenience stores across the globe. Good for you!

As I’ve played Dr. Samuel Loomis in several editions of Halloween, in the footsteps of the great Donald Pleasance, I believe I’m well-qualified to offer you some thoughts about life. And believe me: I know about life. I’ve had my ribs broken by Stanley Kubrick; I’ve killed both Captain Kirk and Jack the Ripper — at least on screen, of course.

So, as the philosopher-playwright Leslie Bricusse said:

“You only live twice,” or so it seems – one life for yourself, and one for your dreams.

You drift through the years, and life seems tame – ’til one dream appears, and love is its name. And love is a stranger, who’ll beckon you on. Don’t think of the danger, or the stranger is gone!

This dream is for you, so pay the price. Make one dream come true – “you only live twice.”

Happy birthday, Mark, and many more!

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