Airport 1970,

Minute 133: I’m Sorry Too

February 01, 2017

Guest Host: Tracy Nieporent

Tracy Nieporent is Director of Marketing and Partner, overseeing public relations, communications, promotion, advertising and charitable events for the Myriad Restaurant Group. Its current members now include Tribeca Grill, Bâtard, Nobu, Nobu London, Nobu Next Door, Nobu 57, Porsche Grill (formerly Acela Club) at Citi Field, The Daily Burger at Madison Square Garden, and Crush Wine & Spirits.

Tracy has also been a regular contributor as the culinary correspondent to the WFUV-FM City Folk morning radio show on National Public Radio and the nationally syndicated Food & Wine Radio Network. He has also made numerous appearances on WOR, WABC, WPLJ radio, and WCBS, FOX 5 and WPIX television, and He is also regularly quoted in consumer and trade magazines, newspapers, and websites and blogs.

Prior to joining Myriad, Tracy was an accomplished advertising and marketing executive for several prominent advertising agencies including BBDO, and NW Ayer where he played an important role as part of the team that created the “Be All You Can Be” campaign for the U.S. Army and the “Reach Out & Touch Someone” campaign for AT&T.


Flight Two’s passengers are exiting from the First Class Jetway at Gate 33.

“A wheelchair!” calls Mel, locking the Jetway door open. Sarah leans over the railing to talk to Stewardess Maria.

“I’m Mrs. Demerest,” says Sarah. “Is the Captain–”

“He’ll be coming off the Tourist Jetway,” replies Maria. Maria grabs a wheelchair and heads back down the Jetway.

Mel turns around and looks at the approaching crowd. “All right, now, move back!” He turns to Ned. “Ned, get these people over there.”

Ned wades into the crowd. “Step back, alright step back. Those of you who are not helping,  please step back,” he says.

Meanwhile Tanya is directing passengers to the central area of Gate 33.

Harry rushes to the Tourist Jetway. “Judy!” he shouts, seeing his niece. He hugs her as the other passengers deplane. Schuyler walks into the terminal, spilling a pile of textbooks on the floor. Behind him, Ada looks around, still wearing the fur coat that covered her on the plane.

Mrs. Donovan steps forward. “Oh I’m sorry, ” says Mrs. Donovan, “but that’s my coat!”

Ada looks at her as Mr. Donovan removes the coat from Ada’s shoulders. “I’m sorry, too.”

The police have set up a velvet rope line for crowd control. Inez walks up to the rope, while looking at the debarking passengers.


In this minute

Barbara Hale as Sarah Demerest
Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Albert Reed as Lt. Ned Ordway
Malila Saint Duval as Stewardess Maria
Lou Wagner as Schuyler Schultz
William Hudson as Mr.  William Donovan
Cathleen Cordell as Mrs. Donovan
Helen Hayes as Ada Quonsett
Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston



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