Airport 1970,

Minute 128: Cleared to Land

January 25, 2017

Emergency Guest Host: Nancy O’Kane

Nancy O’Kane, better known in Internet circles as “The Captain”, is much more comfortable watching movies than talking about them. Nevertheless, she has succumbed to the charms of her husband and agreed to take part in his podcast. When she’s not talking about George Kennedy and his cigars, she’s a full time student majoring in history and minoring in classics. She’s also busy being a caretaker to Rio, the most neurotic dog on the planet. Rio is afraid of thunder, lawnmowers, and plastic bags.


Frank at the Lincoln Approach radar screen continues to talk down Flight Two.

“Now six miles  from touchdown,” says Frank. “Course and glide path good. Now drifting left – – turn further right, heading three zero five. Slightly high on glide path, adjust your descent.”

The crack in the aft section continues to shudder. Passengers are still moaning and crying. One of the passengers says, “Keep your head down!”

Back in the cockpit. Frank is still giving precision radar stats on the radio.

“Passing five miles from touchdown,” says Frank. “Going through glide path, adjust your descent. Now one hundred feet low, ease your aircraft up.”

Visibility out the cockpit windows is zero.

“Four miles from touchdown,” says Frank. “Turn left, heading three zero one. Returning to glide path. Now on glide path. Check wheels down and locked, cleared to land.”

Vern moves the wheels lever to the down-and-locked position.

Visibility is still zero.

“Three miles from touchdown,” says Frank. “Course good. Slightly low on glide path, ease it up a little. Surface wind gusting to three five knots.”

In this minute

Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Jacqueline Bisset as Gwen Meighen
Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan
Paul Picerni as Dr. Compagno
Janis Hansen as Sister Katherine Grace
Larry Delaney as Frank at East Arrivals



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