Airport 1970,

Minute 126: Clear and Open

January 23, 2017

Guest Host: James O’Kane

James is an industrial design engineer living in Portland, Oregon. He claims to be the son of one of the co-hosts of the show, although Mark has hired an army of attorneys to refute the paternity. James grew up watching Airport almost weekly, and says that the film has shaped his frequent-flying career in seeking out fireplaces in Delta Sky Clubs. There’s apparently one in Memphis, for example.


The MelMobile scoots down Runway Two-Niner, its searchlight scanning for debris.

Mel picks up the microphone. “Runway Two-Niner clear and open,” he tells the Lincoln Tower.

Frank at the Lincoln Approach radar screen calls Flight Two. “Global Two, turn right, heading two eight five. Runway Two Niner is now open.”

“Roger, Lincoln,” says Vern. “You’ve just freed the slaves again. Request PAR approach.”

“Global Two, roger,” says Frank. “This will be a Precision Radar Approach to Runway Two Niner. Stand by. Will pick you up on the other scope. ”

Vern turns to Anson. “How’s it handling?” he asks.

“Ah, real sluggish,” says Anson. There’s a large jolt through the cabin.

In the passenger cabin, Schuyler Schultz shrieks, “What was that?”

Schuyler’s dad replies, “A bump! Now shut up and move over!”

The cabin continues to rock violently. The crack through the aft ceiling  moves again.

“One bounce, we might leave the whole tail behind,” says Anson.

Stewardess Maria tells everyone to keep their heads down. Dr. Compagno and Sister Katherine Grace hold a bandage over the injured Gwen’s eyes as she lays flat on the aft entryway.

Marcus Rathbone, in an aisle seat, sits up and yells, “We’re gonna crash! We’re all gonna be killed! I know we’re all gonna be-” while Fr. Steven Lonigan makes the Sign of the Cross, finishing by slapping Rathbone across the face.


In this minute

Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan
Larry Delaney as Frank at East Arrivals
Peter Turgeon as Marcus Rathbone
James Nolan as Fr. Steven Lonigan
Lou Wagner as Schuyler Schultz
Virginia Grey as Mrs. Schultz
Dick Winslow as Mr. Schultz
Whit Bissell as Mr. Davidson
Malila Saint Duval as Maria



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