Airport 1970,

Minute 124: She’s Gonna Get It!

January 19, 2017


Mel is on the radio, talking to Danny at the Snow Desk.

“Mobile One,” says Mel.

“Go ahead, Mel,” says Danny.

“Start the plows,” says Mel.

“Roger,” replies Danny. Danny throws two switches on his radio. “Conga Leader? Snow Desk. Move!”

The Conga Line begins to head toward the 707.

“Joe, this is Mel,” says Mel. “There’s no more time. Stop all engines and get out. Repeat: stop all engines.”

Patroni ignores the radio and pushes the throttles to Full. The 707 eases forward slightly in the trench.

“Mister Patroni!” says Rollings over the jet noise, “she won’t take much more!”

“Well anyway, she’s gonna get it!” says Patroni. Joe starts varying the throttle speeds left and right. The 707 continues to slowly move forward.

The Conga Line grows closer.

“Joe, the plows are moving! Shut down and hold on!” says Mel. “Joe Patroni, do you read me? Acknowledge!”

Patroni continues to apply power as the 707 slowly moves ahead in the trench.

“Joe! Shut down!” yells Mel.

“Mister Patroni!” says Rollings, “Don’t you hear him? We have to shut down!”

“I can’t hear a thing,” says Joe, “There’s too much noise. Hold on, we’re going for broke!” Patroni pulls the throttles to idle, then pushes them to the firewall.

The 707 , at full power, lunges out of the snow drift.

In this minute

George Kennedy as Joe Patroni
Shelly Novack as Rollings
Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Dallas Mitchell as Danny “Snow Desk”



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