Airport 1970,

Minute 122: 25 Miles East of Outer Marker

January 17, 2017

Guest Host: Meghan Gleason

Meghan Gleason is the daughter of Guest Co-Host Nancy O’Kane and the stepdaughter of co-host Jim O’Kane. She’s currently the office assistant at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MassMoCA) in North Adams, Massachusetts. Previously, Meghan worked at Dunkin Donuts, and knows all about how to deal with people who haven’t had their morning coffee yet.

Vacation Co-Host: Nancy O’Kane

Nancy O’Kane, better known in Internet circles as “The Captain”, is much more comfortable watching movies than talking about them. Nevertheless, she has succumbed to the charms of her husband and agreed to take part in his podcast. When she’s not talking about George Kennedy and his cigars, she’s a full time student majoring in history and minoring in classics. She’s also busy being a caretaker to Rio, the most neurotic dog on the planet. Rio is afraid of thunder, lawnmowers, and plastic bags.


Joe Patroni and Copilot Rollings are running the engine start checklist on the stuck 707.

“Light on Number Three,” says Rollings.

Mel and Tanya watch intently from the MelMobile. The engines are spinning up.

Meanwhile, Flight Two is heading back to Lincoln International. Vern and Anson are talking to Toronto Center.

“Thirty miles east of the airport,” says Toronto Center. “Contact Lincoln Approach at One One Eight Niner. Good luck.”

“Roger,” says Vern, dialing in Lincoln Approach on the radio. “Lincoln Approach, Global Two.”

“Global Two, Lincoln Approach Control,” says Frank at East Arrivals. “We’re still hoping for Runway Two-Niner. We should know in three to five minutes.”

“Roger, Lincoln,” says Vern. “Keep us advised.”

“Global Two,” says Frank, “Twenty Five miles east of outer marker. Turn right, heading Two Six Zero. Begin descent at your discretion to two thousand.”

The ship sinks into the murk of clouds.


In this minute

Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
George Kennedy as Joe Patroni
Shelly Novack as Rollings
Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Larry Delaney as Frank at East Arrivals
Unknown as Toronto Center



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