Airport 1970,

Minute 110: Contact Cleveland Center

December 30, 2016

Guest Host: Sean German

When Sean German isn’t saving the human race one line of code at a time, he’s on tour with Spinal Tap Minute with co-host Heidi Bennett. He is also the voice behind the Five Minutes of Mime podcast which will debut (or has debuted depending on your point of view) in early 2017. Sean has never been to Lincoln International Airport but hears it’s nice this time of year.


Vern is discussing landing options with the Toronto Center ATC operator.

“Everything east of Lincoln on your course is closed due to weather or field conditions,” says the Toronto operator. “However, if you are declaring an emergency, Detroit possible. They report five inches of snow over ice, but they will try to clear.”

Harris shakes his head.

“Request Detroit stand by in case of any change in conditions,” replies Vern. “We’ll try for Lincoln.”

“Roger, Global Two,” says the Toronto operator. “You are leaving my area. Contact Cleveland Center, one one seven point five. Good luck.”

“Roger, Toronto,” replies Vern. Vern turns a knob on the radio. “Cleveland Center?”

The scene switches to the busy Cleveland Center, where more than thirty ATC operators are hovering over their scopes.

“Global Two, on your frequency,” says Vern over the radio. A man appears in an oval on the center of the screen.

“Global Two, this is Cleveland Center,” says the operator. “Radar contact. Turn right, heading two eight zero. Maintain one zero thousand. Lincoln weather: sky obscured, visibility one mile in blowing snow. Runway Two Niner, still closed.”

“But we have control damage that makes landing on two-niner imperative. Repeat: imperative!”

The scene switches to Mel’s office. Mel is donning his winter coat. Harry and Bert continue to listen to the aircraft radio.

In this minute

Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan
Unknown as Toronto ATC operator
Vince Williams as Cleveland ATC operator
Lloyd Nolan as Harry Standish
Clark Howat as Bert Wetherby
Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld



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