Airport 1970,

Minute 109: Shock and Puking

December 29, 2016

Guest Host: Chris Henry

Chris Henry has been a lifelong aviation enthusiast. Since the time he started volunteering at the local air museum at the age of 12 airplanes have been part of his life. He went to college for air traffic and worked for US Airways in Pittsburgh before working as a medical helicopter dispatcher. Then went on to become an air traffic controller before going to work in his current role as the Museum Program Rep for the EAA Aviation Museum.

Vacation Co-Host: Nancy O’Kane

Nancy O’Kane, better known in Internet circles as “The Captain”, is much more comfortable watching movies than talking about them. Nevertheless, she has succumbed to the charms of her husband and agreed to take part in his podcast. When she’s not talking about George Kennedy and his cigars, she’s a full time student majoring in history and minoring in classics. She’s also busy being a caretaker to Rio, the most neurotic dog on the planet. Rio is afraid of thunder, lawnmowers, and plastic bags.


Cy is updating Vern on the damage to the ship. Vern’s asked if Cy can see damage to the aircraft’s control surfaces.

“Possible damage to rudder power,” says Cy. “and it looks like we have stabilizer problems. Most of the blast, thank God, went sideways.”

“Can we stay in the air an hour?” asks Vern.

“Hard to tell,” replies Cy. “There’s a tear in the ceiling from the top of the hole, all the way over to the port side.”

“Think there’s a rupture in the outer skin?” asks Vern.

“I don’t know,” says Cy. “Could be.”

“What about the passengers?” asks Vern.

“I can’t say anything definite yet,” replies Cy. “I checked the structural damage first. But what I did see was less than I expected: some cuts and bruises, and shock and puking. Medical help: good. I’m going to cut off the passenger oxygen.”

Vern pauses. “How’s Gwen?”

“Pretty bad shape,” replies Cy. “The doctor’s working on her. I’ll report when I can.” Cy’s half of the screen gets replaced by Anson Harris.

“Sounds like the break is just this side of the tail,” says Harris. “Better sit down as fast as we can — if we can.”

“Right,” agrees Vern, setting down his intercom microphone. He picks up his other microphone. “Toronto Center, Global Two.”

Toronto Center’s operator appears in an oval at center screen.

“Have structural damage,” continues Vern. “Would like to land nearest available airport.”

“Global Two, Toronto Center,” replies the operator.

In this minute

Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan
Unknown as Toronto Center



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