Airport 1970,

Minute 085: Lester Mainwaring

November 25, 2016

Guest Host: Crystal Beth

Crystal Beth is a NYC based comedian and podcaster and has been watching movies since forever. Not only has she been on Indiana Jones Minute she has had the pleasure of being a guest on Star Wars Minute, Back to the Future Minute, Alien Minute, Wrath of Khan Minute, Indiana Jones Minute, HuffPost, and is a host of the video game podcast Unlimited Lives on Cave Comedy Radio.

Fact: She thinks she is better at watching movies than other people.

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Mel’s on the phone to Lt. Ned Ordway, the head of the Lincoln Airport Security.

“Remember the woman that you turned over to Mrs. Livingston?” asks Mel. “Well, she’s given us the slip.  She’s probably still in the terminal. You’ve got to find her, Ned.”

“We’ll sure try,” replies Ned. “Will you round up my boys?”

“We’ll announce from here,” says Mel, hanging up the phone. He looks at Tanya. “You do it,” he says. “I’ll call the insurance counter.”

Tanya walks over the the bank of phones on Mel’s office wall and picks up the white courtesy phone. She shakes her head. “What’s the security code?” she asks.

“Lester Mainwaring,” replies Mel. Tanya dials a number.

“Attention, please!” says Tanya, her voice wavering.”Attention, please. Would Mister Lester Mainwaring’s party – – Mister Mainwaring requests that all members of his travel group report immediately to the main terminal entrance — to the main terminal entrance.”

The screen splits into a diamond shape, with each corner of the diamond showing different security officers hearing the coded message. They all head for the main terminal entrance. As the security officer in the center of the screen exits, he reveals Bunny, the travel insurance agent talking to Mel on her phone.

“Yes,” says Bunny, paging through a stack of receipts. “Here it is, Mr. Bakersfeld. D.O. Guerrero. It’s for two hundred twenty five thousand. Yes, I remember him.  Yes, sir, he was a little nervous.”

Tanya and Mel are listening to Mel’s desktop speakerphone. “Well, aside from that,” asks Mel, ” did you notice anything unusual about him?”

“Well,” says Bunny, “just one thing: for someone going to Europe, he didn’t seem to have much money.”

In this minute

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Albert Reed Jr. as Lt. Ned Ordway
Nancy Ann Nelson as Bunny



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