Airport 1970,

Minute 084: A Horrible Feeling

November 24, 2016

Guest Host: Crystal Beth

Crystal Beth is a NYC based comedian and podcaster and has been watching movies since forever. Not only has she been on Indiana Jones Minute she has had the pleasure of being a guest on Star Wars Minute, Back to the Future Minute, Alien Minute, Wrath of Khan Minute, Indiana Jones Minute, HuffPost, and is a host of the video game podcast Unlimited Lives on Cave Comedy Radio.

Fact: She thinks she is better at watching movies than other people.

Follow her on Twitter @TheCrystalBeth


Inez is sitting in Mel’s anteroom, staring at the crumpled $5 bill Ned had given her.

Inside Mel’s office, Tanya is explaining the situation to Mel. “But the downtown terminal told me they remembered a man with an attaché case..” says Tanya. Mel is looking at Inez’s folded-up special delivery letter from the travel agency, and the remittance check.

“They must have checked in ten men with attaché cases,” replies Mel, shaking his head.

“But this one held it under his arm,” says Tanya, motioning with her hands. “And when the agent tried to put a cabin tag on it, he pulled away and insisted on putting it on himself. That’s why they remembered him — and it was Guerrero.” Mel leans forward in his chair and examines the letter again.

“I can’t get anything out of his wife,” says Tanya,”excepts a blank stare. Maybe you can make her talk. Please try – – I have a horrible feeling –”

“Alright,” says Mel. “Bring her in.” Tanya walks toward the door, only to find an empty anteroom outside. “Mrs. Gurrero?” says Tanya. Inez is gone.  Tanya steps out onto the terminal balcony. Hundreds of people are in the terminal, but no sign of Inez. Tanya hurries back to Mel’s office.

“She’s gone!” Tanya says to Mel. Mel picks up a red phone handset hanging on the wall. He calls Lt. Ned Ordway.

At Ordway’s office, Ned is already on the phone. He tells the other people on the line, “Hold it,” and presses an intercom button.

“Yes sir?” asks Ned.


In this minute

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero
Albert Reed Jr. as Lt. Ned Ordway



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