Airport 1970,

Minute 081: A Hell of a Mess

November 21, 2016

Guest Host: Dolores Cerulli

Dolores Cerulli is a longtime librarian and mother to Airport Minute co-host Mark Cerulli. A native of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, Dee was educated at Pembroke University and received her Masters degrees at Pratt and Manhattanville as well as a Doctorate in Education at CUNY Brooklyn. She was married to jazz writer and advertising executive Dom Cerulli for 49 years until his passing in 2012. Dee is not shy in sharing her opinions or pointing her famous forefinger when needed! The Airport Minute is her first podcasting adventure.


Mel and Cindy are talking about getting a divorce.

“Do you think that will make them feel more secure?” asks Mel. “A broken home?”

“It’s better to come from a broken home,” says Cindy, “than to live in one.”

“You may be right,” says Mel. “And you may be right about me, too. I suppose I’m like a lot of men: a bigamist, married to both a woman and a job. ”

“And I can’t be Number Two wife any longer,” says Cindy. Mel’s intercom buzzes.

“Yes, Danny?” asks Mel.

“Patroni wants a skip loader,” says Danny.

“Get one from the parking lot,” says Mel. “We’ve got to get that plane out of there. And Danny – keep twenty niner clean so that it’ll be operational.”

Cindy walks behind Mel. “See?” asks Cindy, “That’s what I mean. Those things are more important to you than we are!”

“No, not more important,” says Mel, “but at the moment, more imperative. It just so happens we’re in a hell of a mess.”

Cindy shakes his head. “We certainly are!” says Cindy. She turns away.

“It’s a big step, Cindy,” says Mel. “You’re sure you don’t want to reconsider?”

In this minute

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Dallas Mitchell as Danny
Dana Wynter as Cindy Bakersfeld



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