Airport 1970,

Minute 080: The Atmosphere of Hate

November 18, 2016

Guest Host: Chuck Goldstone

Chuck Goldstone is an author, humorist and is assumed to have written THIS BOOK IS NOT A TOY: FRIENDLY ADVICE ON HOW TO AVOID DEATH AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES, which the prestigious St. Martin’s Press claims sold at least a few boxes of books. As a commentator and radio pundit, he was heard nationally on Marketplace for a decade and has appeared regularly as a guest on CBS Radio Boston. His humor-stuffed websites include and In the real world, he has helped organizations from global giants to scraping startups tell their stories more persuasively. He recalls seeing Airport the first time on an airplane. But maybe it was On Golden Pond.


Tanya realizes this Guerrero woman is the wife of the suspicious man on the Flight Two.

Meanwhile, Cindy Bakersfeld is in the middle of yelling at Mel in his office.

“– and we don’t have a home anymore. We have a waiting room!” says Cindy, “a place where I can walk the floor and wonder whether you’re going to leave this damn airport long enough to drop by for a few minutes!”

“Why you have to pick tonight to come out here and fight with me –” begins Mel. “What I -”

“I came here to tell you,” interrupts Cindy, “Roberta left home!”  Cindy walks over to an ashtray on a nearby table and stubs out her cigarette.

“What do you mean, ‘left home?'” asks Mel. “When?”

“I called from the banquet to say goodnight,” says Cindy, “and I spoke to Libby.  Roberta, she said, told her she couldn’t stand our fighting any longer — that she couldn’t stand ‘the atmosphere of hate.’ And that’s a direct quote.”

“Well, where is she?” asks Mel. “Did Libby say?”

“She’s at Sally Bolton’s house,” says Cindy, “and she’s going to spend the night there. I spoke to her.”

Mel shakes his head. “Cindy, we can’t do this to the kids,” says Mel. “We’ve got to call a truce, even if it’s a — a pretense. We’ve got to start being civil to each other.”

“And add hypocrisy to the problem?” asks Cindy. “They’d see through that in a minute – – that’s not the answer.”

“Well, we’ve got to do something,” says Mel.

“You’re right,” says Cindy, “and the only answer is: a divorce.”

Mel looks at Cindy, shocked.

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Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Dana Wynter as Cindy Bakersfeld



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