Airport 1970,

Minute 079: Your Wife Insisted

November 17, 2016

Guest Host: Chuck Goldstone

Chuck Goldstone is an author, humorist and is assumed to have written THIS BOOK IS NOT A TOY: FRIENDLY ADVICE ON HOW TO AVOID DEATH AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES, which the prestigious St. Martin’s Press claims sold at least a few boxes of books. As a commentator and radio pundit, he was heard nationally on Marketplace for a decade and has appeared regularly as a guest on CBS Radio Boston. His humor-stuffed websites include and In the real world, he has helped organizations from global giants to scraping startups tell their stories more persuasively. He recalls seeing Airport the first time on an airplane. But maybe it was On Golden Pond.


Mel answers the black courtesy phone. The operator says, “Your wife insisted that I page you. She’s waiting for you in your office.”

“Thanks,” says Mel, hanging up the phone. The airport announcer says, “There will be a 45 minute delay of departure for American Airlines Flight 46 to Boston.” Mel leaves the cafeteria with Harry Standish.

The scene shifts to the TGA ticket counter on the main concourse. The airport announcer finishes his previous statement. “- will now depart at 10:35. Delta Airlines Flight 76 for Atlanta, now departing at Gate 12, the Red Concourse.”

Tanya steps out of the ticket booth into the corridor with her list of bus passengers for Flight Two. Police officer Ned, holding Inez by the arm, calls out to Tanya.

“Oh, Mrs. Livingston,” says Ned, “Sorry to bother you but one of my men found this woman wandering aimlessly about the terminal. Seems terribly upset about something.” Inez slumps against a pillar. “That’s all right, ma’am,” says Ned.

Tanya looks at Ned. “She ought to see a doctor,” says Tanya.

“She doesn’t want to,” replies Ned. “I think what’s worrying her most is that she doesn’t have any money to get back to town.”

Tanya shrugs her shoulders. “I’d like to help,” says Tanya, “but this kind of thing is-”

“She let me go through her purse,” says Ned. “I thought maybe I’d found a little addess book or something — call somebody who knew her. But there was nothing in it but this –”  Ned hands Tanya a slip of paper. It’s the letter from the travel agency.

Ned continues, “I thought that since her husband bought a ticket on Global, you might want to give her bus fare to get home. Five dollars would do it.” Ned turns to Inez. “Now, you just take it easy ma’am,” says Ned. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

Tanya looks at the name on the letter, then her eyes scan down the list of passengers on the Flight Two bus. She looks at Inez, wide-eyed.

“Guerrero,” she whispers.

In this minute

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Lloyd as Harry Standish
Dee Carroll as Florence the Operator
Albert Reed as Officer Ned Ordway
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero



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