Airport 1970,

Minute 076: The Not-So-Young Ones

November 14, 2016

Guest Host: Chris Henry

Chris Henry has been a lifelong aviation enthusiast. Since the time he started volunteering at the local air museum at the age of 12 airplanes have been part of his life. He went to college for air traffic and worked for US Airways in Pittsburgh before working as a medical helicopter dispatcher. Then went on to become an air traffic controller before going to work in his current role as the Museum Program Rep for the EAA Aviation Museum.


Gwen’s in the cockpit, talking to Vern about Ada Quonsett.

“We’ll report,” says Vern. “They’ll grab her in Rome, so until then, why make the old girl miserable?”

“You know, Captain?” says Gwen, “you’re a real nice person.” Gwen leaves the cockpit.

Harris looks at Vern. “I didn’t know you’re so fond of old women!” says Harris.

“Oh, I prefer the young ones,” says Vern.

“That’s what I heard,” says Harris.

“But opportunities, you know,” says Vern, “don’t last forever. Pretty soon, you and I will have to settle for the not-so-young ones.”

“Oh, I already have,” says Harris, “for quite some time.” Vern nods his head.

“Yeah, that’s right,” says Vern, “You always played it right straight down the line. No mucking around on layovers.”

“Well, Helen was a stewardess, flying DC-4s,” says Harris, “That’s how we met, and, uh, she knew what was going on, so when we got married, I – I made her a promise. The obvious one. I’ve always kept it.” Vern thinks about this for a moment.

“Well,” says Vern, “I guess all those kids you had helped.”

“Yeah,” says Harris. “Maybe.”

“How many you got – six?” asks Vern.

“No, seven,” says Harris. “Four we planned, three we didn’t.”

Vern pauses to ponder this information.

“The ones you didn’t plan–” says Vern, “did you ever consider… doing anything about ’em? Before they -”


In this minute

Jaqueline Bisset as Gwen Meighan
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan
Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest



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