Airport 1970,

Minute 071: Speaking of Head Counts

November 07, 2016

Guest Host: Jordan Rich

Whether you realize it or not, you know Jordan Rich. Or at least, you know his voice. Jordan has been a ubiquitous and friendly presence as a voiceover artist featured in countless national radio and TV commercials, as well as a familiar voice on Boston airwaves since 1978, as a dynamic radio personality. For years, Jordan kept listeners company over their coffee and commute as morning drive host for such Boston stations as WRKO and WSSH-FM. For more than two decades, Jordan also hosted a late-night talk show on the legendary WBZ AM 1030.

Together with his college buddy Ken Carberry, Jordan operates Chart Productions, an audio/video production service for traditional broadcast, the Internet, and new media.


Guerrero is lighting one cigarette off another as he finishes a pack. Ada is concerned.

“Now, there’s nothing to be nervous about, ” says Ada to Guerrero. “I’ve flown thousands of miles, and I can tell you it’s a lot safer than crossing the street.”  Guerrero keeps smoking.

Flight Two continues flying over the cloud tops.

Meanwhile, Inez rises from her seat at the empty Gate 33 waiting area.  She passes the gate agent, who’s talking to Tanya, Peter Coakley, and Bert Weatherby.

“Yes, she was here, ” says the gate agent, “I saw her go on.”

“But did you see her get off?” asks Tanya.

“No, but I’m almost certain she did, ” replies the gate agent. “Her son dropped his wallet and she went on to give it to him.”

Tanya looks at Weatherby. “The wallet gag,” says Tanya. “She’s on the plane.”

“Maybe that’s why the head count didn’t tally,” says Peter Coakley. Weatherby glares at him.

“Speaking of head counts,” says Bert, “have you counted yours lately? I’m sure you’ve got at least two.”

“Well,” says Tanya, “should I send word to the Captain, to check and verify?”

“Yeah,” says Weatherby, “but have flight dispatch  call him on the company frequency so we can keep it private.”

Meanwhile, on Flight Two, Vern is making an announcement over the PA system. “Our ground speed is -”

In this minute

Van Heflin as D.O. Guerrero
Helen Hayes as Ada Quonsett
Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero
Unknown as Gate Agent
Clark Howat as Bert Weatherby
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
John Findlater as Peter Coakley
Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan



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