Minute 069: Thank You, Doctor

November 03, 2016

Guest Host: Wil Shriner

Wil is an a award-winning television director with numerous episodes of Frasier (1993), Becker (1998), Everybody Loves Raymond (1996), and Gilmore Girls (2000) under his belt.

He is a nationally known comedian with over 50 appearances with Jay Leno, David Letterman, Johnny Carson and more.

His corporate track record with Microsoft and Bill Gates continues to grow with a host of projects for an array of technology- and consumer-oriented electronic companies.

As an actor, he has over a dozen films to his credit including the Academy Award-nominated film Peggy Sue Got Married (1986), in which he co-starred with Joan Allen, and that was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Wil Shriner wrote the screenplay and directed the feature film Hoot (2006), based on the Newbury Honor-noted Carl Hiaasen book from New Line Cinema and Walden Media.

Wil’s Official Site

Wil’s IMDb Page


Inez wanders away from the windows of Gate 33, before taking a seat in the empty waiting area.

As the 707 taxis away, Gwen is narrating the safety briefing, while Stewardess Maria models the flotation vest. Maria points out the exits while some of the passengers pay attention.

Several passengers are featured during the briefing: the First Class passengers; a young man with glasses and his parents; Harry Standish’s niece Judy Barton, seated with an Italian woman and her son; two nuns seated with an Army Private; Ada Quonsett, seated between a Mr. Davidson and D.O. Guerrero (Guerrero clutches his briefcase); and Dr. Campagno, seated next to two  women.

Dr. Compagno shakes pills out of a bottle and hands some to his seat companion. “Don’t worry,” says Dr. Compagno, “if you take one of these, you won’t get airsick at all.”

“Thank you, Doctor!” says the woman seated next to him, as she takes a pill.


In this minute

Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero
Jacqueline Bisset as Gwen Meighen
Milia Saint Duval as Maria
Lou Wagner as Schuyler Schultz
Dick Winslow as Mr. Schultz
Virginia Grey as Mrs. Schultz
Eileen Wesson as Judy Barton
Paul Picerni as Dr. Compagno
Paul La Capria as Italian Boy on Plane
Unknown as Italian Mom on Plane
Janis Hansen as Sister Katherine Grace
Mary Jackson as Sister Felice
Mark Russell as PFC Bud Miller



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