Airport 1970,

Minute 065: Make Some Noise

October 28, 2016

Guest Hosts: Ethan McKinley and Ellie Fitzgerald

British Actor/Comedian, Ethan McKinley, our first UK guest, is not just a Dyslexic, savant-genius. No! He’s also the Creator and Host of the Podcasts ‘QUESTIONABLE’ and ‘2 MINUTE TERMINATOR’!

First out of the ‘Minute Show’ gate after STAR WARS MINUTE, Ethan’s Terminator based minute show is now in its 5th season!

Along with his Co-Host, ‘Foul Mouthed Supermodel’ Ellie Fitzgerald, these guys are now dismantling the latest movie in the franchise, Terminator Genisys. The irreverent, funny take one the minute show format sets it apart from others in the ‘Minute’ show family and as it rolls past episode 300. There is much fun fun to be had with these guys. Heck, there’s even a YouTube, IN-VIDEO COMMENTARY version of every episode, every day as they talk over the 2 Minutes of Terminator in question (An exclusive, Minute Podcast fans!) Check ‘Em Out!

Ethan’s other show, ‘QUESTIONABLE’ sees Ethan talk to a wacky range of Celebrities, Authors and Porn Stars from around the world!!! It’s an eclectic mix, to be sure, but each show gives you a great look into the lives and work of pretty interesting folks!

When not podcasting, Ethan has worked extensively on UK television and film and in the new year, begins work on the the sequel to the 2014 film he appeared in, ‘ARTHUR & MERLIN: The Legend Begins, It’s ‘ARTHUR & MERLIN: Fire Of Balor’ is coming in 2017!!!

Ellie Fitzgerald is the Charming Co-Host of 2-MINUTE TERMINATOR. When not doing this, she is luxury party-planner with ’Cellar Society’ throwing parties for the rich and famous.

From movie premieres for Steven Spielberg to after parties for The Rolling Stones, Ellie has worked alongside these shining beacons of legend and popular culture, such as Madonna, Matt Damon, Idris Elba and Ewan McGregor to name but a few. Her podcast co-Host, Ethan hasn’t worked with any these actors…

“Imagine Martin Short from ‘Father Of The Bride’ with bigger boobs and you have Ellie!” — Ethan McKinley




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Peter Coakley picks up the phone to call the other airlines. It’s upside-down, so he stops and turns it right-side up.

Meanwhile, Flight Two is still at Gate 33.

“Forward Jetway is still in place,” said Anson.

“It’s your decision, Captain,” says Vern.

“Make some noise,” says Anson. Vern climbs out of the cockpit. He spots Gwen.

“Miss Meighen?” calls Vern. Gwen walks over to Vern.

“Yes, Captain?” says Gwen.

“What’s the delay?” asks Vern.

“The Tourist head count won’t tally,” says Gwen.

“Where’s the Ramp Supervisor?” asks Vern.

“He’s back there, counting,” replies Gwen.

“Get him,” says Vern.

Meanwhile, Inez reaches the Trans Global ticket counter.

“The plane to Rome – is it gone yet?” asks Inez.

“No,” says the ticket agent, “but you’ll have to hurry.”

“Which way?” asks Inez.

“Go through there to the waiting room and turn right. Green Concourse, Gate Thirty Three.” says the agent.

“Thank you,” says Inez, running away.

Back on Flight Two, Dean is talking to the Ramp Supervisor.

“Look, pal,” says Vern, “I know that you’ve got problems and so have we — but how long are we going to sit here?”

“I’ve just ordered a ticket recheck, Captain,” says the Ramp Supervisor, “we should have eighty-one in Tourist, — it seems we’ve got eighty-two.”

“Every second we sit here,” says Vern, “we’re burning fuel on Three and Four, which you gave-”


In this minute

Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Barry Nelson as Anson Harris
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan
Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero
John Findlater as Peter Coakley
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Jacqueline Bisset as Gwen Meighen
Lew Brown as Ramp Supervisor Reynolds
Unknown as Ticket Counter Agent



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