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Minute 052: Thank You for Caring

October 11, 2016

Guest Host: Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor is the cohost of the Indiana Jones Minute and the Caddyshack Minute podcasts. He’s also the author of the novel In Memory of Todd Woods. He lives in Chicagoland wth his wife and son, and is so busy he has no friends, except for all you nice people!


Vern and Gwen are seated at the rear of the First Class of an empty 707. Vern is talking with Gwen about what to do, now that Gwen is pregnant. Gwen has qualms about Vern’s suggestion to go to Sweden for an abortion.

“I don’t want to sound mystical or anything,” says Gwen. “but I am carrying someone who’s part of us. I’m not so sure I want to lose it.”

“And if you have the baby,” says Vern, “then what?”

“Well, I suppose adoption would be the answer,” says Gwen. “They’re very careful nowadays. They find the right family. ” Vern nods his head.

“They’re very careful,” says Vern, “and all the arrangements are made beforehand – – and the records are kept secret, you know. And you’ll never see the baby.” Gwen ponders that for a while, then stands up from her seat.

“I suppose in time I’ll be sensible,” says Gwen, “but I’ve got to have time to think.” She pauses, and puts her hand on Vern’s shoulder.

“Vern,” says Gwen, “thank you for caring. Most men would have said, “So long, girl.”

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Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Jacqueline Bisset as Gwen Meighen



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