Airport 1970,

Minute 051: Religious Scruples

October 10, 2016

Guest Host: Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor is the cohost of the Indiana Jones Minute and the Caddyshack Minute podcasts. He’s also the author of the novel In Memory of Todd Woods. He lives in Chicagoland wth his wife and son, and is so busy he has no friends, except for all you nice people!


Vern and Gwen are seated at the rear of the First Class of an empty 707. Vern is talking with Gwen about what to do, now that Gwen is pregnant. Vern said he won’t let her go to “a butcher, two flights up, over a drug store.”

“I hear Sweden’s the best place,” says Vern. “Good doctors, good hospitals, medically safe…”

“Very quick, very simple,” says Gwen. “One minute, you have it; next minute, you don’t.”

“There’s no danger of complications,” says Vern.

“That is, no physical complications,” says Gwen. “I’m not so sure about the moral ones.” Vern looks at her.

“You have – – religious scruples?” asks Vern.

“No, no, ” says Gwen. “but the strangest thing happened to me today when the doctor told me. I mean, I’ve known other girls in the same situation — toss it off with bad jokes like,  ‘I’ve got a bun in the oven’ or  ‘Captain, we’ve got an extra passenger on board.’ I knew I’d react the same way: very modern, very sophisticated. But I certainly didn’t. I was suddenly filled with a sense of — wonder, and awe. I don’t – ”


In this minute

Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest
Jacqueline Bisset as Gwen Meighen



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