Airport 1970,

Minute 048: Special Delivery

October 05, 2016

Guest Host: James O’Kane

James is an industrial design engineer living in Portland, Oregon. He claims to be the son of one of the co-hosts of the show, although Mark has hired an army of attorneys to refute the paternity. James grew up watching Airport almost weekly, and says that the film has shaped his frequent-flying career in seeking out fireplaces in Delta Sky Clubs. There’s apparently one in Memphis, for example.


Commissioner Ackerman and Mel Bakersfeld are meeting in a conference room. Mel told Ackerman that he’s keeping Lincoln International open tonight.

“You’ve got the right to fire me,” says Mel. “but until you do, this airport is staying open.” Mel exits the conference room.

Meanwhile, Inez Guerrero arrives home to her apartment. There’s “Notice of Attempted Delivery – Special Delivery Mail – Letter Under Door” message on her door knob. Inez unlocks the door, turns on the light, and picks up the envelope off the floor.

Enclosed in the envelope is a check from City Trust & Savings Bank, made out to D.O. Guerrero on January 19th, 1970 for three dollars and 76 cents, on the account of the World Wide Travel Agency. There’s also a letter:

Mr. D. O. Guerrero
627 E. 51st Street
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mr. Guerrero:
In checking over our records of Tuesday, January 16th, we find that the agent who sold you the ticket to Rom on Trans Global Airlines over-charged you in the amount of $3.76. We apologize for this error and enclose a check to cover the rebate.

Hoping to serve you again in the future, I remain

Inez is floored. She calls Trans Global.

“Do you wish to make a reservation?” asks the TGA agent.

“No, I don’t,” says Inez, in a split screen. “Could you please tell me if there’s a flight to Rome tonight?”

“Uh, yes,” says the TGA agent.

In this minute

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero
Unknown as Trans Global travel agent



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