Airport 1970,

Minute 015: I’m His Disaster Insurance

August 19, 2016


Mel Bakersfeld and his sister Sarah Demerest are talking to each other as Sarah is parked in front of the entrance to the terminal.

“– with that overage juvenile delinquent, I’ll never know,” says Mel.

“There’s just the two of us,” replies Sarah, “If I left him, what would I have?”

“Would you have any more if he decided to leave you?” asks Mel. Sarah laughs in response.

“He won’t,” says Sarah. “The moment a girl gets too serious, he waves his wedding ring like a flag! I’m his disaster insurance.”

“More like group insurance,” says Mel.

Sarah smiles. “Thanks for caring, Mel. Don’t worry — someday he’ll come home for some other reason than just to change his clothes.”

Mel nods. “Well, I hope so.” Then his pager buzzes. Mel glances at his pager and says, “That’s for me. Goodbye, dear.” He leans in and kisses Sarah goodbye.

Mel walks over to a white courtesy phone to answer the page as Sarah slides over to the driver’s seat of her car. Sarah starts her car and drives away from the terminal entrance.

Meanwhile, Vern walks briskly out of the terminal (from another entrance) to a Checker cab parked at curbside.


In This Minute

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Barbara Hale as Sarah Demerest
Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest



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