Airport 1970,

Minute 014: When the Snow Melts in April

August 18, 2016


Mel and Vern are standing on opposite sides of Vern’s car, parked in front of the entrance to the terminal.

“Two-Niner’s closed,” says Mel. “A pilot from your Flight Forty Five made a shortcut across the field, … and he didn’t make it.”

“Well, what are you doing about it?” asks Vern.

“Well, when the snow melts in April, we’ll get it out,” says Mel, then shouts, “What the hell do you think I’m doing about it?

Sarah leans out the passenger window and scolds, “Now stop that, both of you!”

“Yeah, you’re right,” agrees Vern. “It’s a waste of time arguing with a penguin.” He leans down and kisses his wife goodbye.

“What would you have me bring you back from Rome?” he asks.

“Just yourself,” says Sarah. “Oh, maybe if you have the time, I could use a pair of white gloves.”

“Size… six and a half, right?” asks Vern, tentatively.

Sarah smiles. “No, I’m the one who wears a size seven and a half.” They kiss again.

Vern walks past an old woman carrying several suitcases. He looks at Mel and says, “Hey, now that’s a good idea, Mel! Using little old ladies for skycaps.  You keep that up — you’re doing a good job!”  Vern walks off to the terminal entry doors. Mel stares after him as he leaves.

“Mel,” says Sarah, “for my sake – – be patient with him.”

Bakersfeld shakes his head. “How you can live…”


In This Minute

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Barbara Hale as Sarah Demerest
Dean Martin as Vernon Demerest



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