Airport 1970,

Minute 006: In the Name of Jesus Christ

August 08, 2016

Guest Host: Brian Fies

Brian Fies is a writer and cartoonist who created the award-winning graphic novels Mom’s Cancer and Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow, as well as the Eisner Award-nominated webcomic The Last Mechanical Monster. He’s been a newspaper reporter, environmental chemist, science writer, husband, and dad to twin girls. He also saw “Airport” in a theater during its first run. He lives in California.


The ATC Operator tells Air Canada Flight 10 that emergency equipment will pass on their right.

A tractor hauling an Auxiliary Power Unit and a van with portable lighting equipment speeds out of the Lincoln service parking garage. A stair car heads across the snow-covered tarmac. A TGA passenger bus and a TGA school bus-styled employee van roll out to the field. A portable conveyor belt mounted on a Jeep leads a tractor towing three luggage wagons off to the stuck 707.

Meanwhile, Frank at East Arrivals in the radar room explains to inbound flights that Two-Niner is closed due to a stuck aircraft. Other radar operators are seen notifying the stack of aircraft still airborne. The radar room manager talks on the phone, saying they’ll stay on Two-Two with all traffic.

Back in the Lincoln Tower, the red-haired operator informs Global Ten they’re cleared for takeoff. Flight Ten begins its rollout down Runway Two-Two.  The wheels lift off the runway as the 707 takes to the skies over Meadow Wood.

The scene shifts to a dining room in the housing development of Meadow Wood. A husband and wife and their two boys are saying Grace before their meal.

The husband prays, “For this food, your many blessings, and your bounteous goodness, we give thanks to thee, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST!” as the jet noise rattles their windows and knocks down dishes in their china closet.

Back at Lincoln Tower, Tower Chief Doug is on the phone. “Hello, Mel? I’m glad I caught you before you got away. Yeah, we just lost Runway Two-Niner.” He tells Mel the tail of TGA Flight 45 is sticking out on the runway about 20 yards.  And no, he doesn’t know how long it’ll take to resolve.


In This Minute

John N. Denend as Doug, the Tower Chief
Unknown as ATC Operator
Unknown at ATC Operator #2
Unknown as Meadow Wood Dad
Unknown as Meadow Wood Mom
Unknown as Meadow Wood Son #1
Unknown as Meadow Wood Son #2
Larry Delaney as Frank, East Arrivals
Unknown as Radar Room Manager
Unknown as Radar Operator #1
Unknown as Radar Operator #2



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