Airport 1970,

Minute 005: Condition Four

August 05, 2016


Trans Global Flight 45 rolls off Runway Two-Niner slightly short of Taxiway Echo, driving into  the drifting snow. She’s stuck wheels-deep, with her tail sticking out into the flight path of Two-Niner.

The ATC Manager calls the radar room to report they have a “Condition Four” at Taxiway Echo. The Manager tells the other ATC operators to change traffic to Runway Two-Two.  Two-Niner is closed.  Another ATC operator tells Air Canada to hold short of Taxiway Bravo.

Copilot Crowley calls Lincoln Tower to report their situation.

In This Minute

Ed Deemer as Copilot Crowley
John N. Denend as Doug, the Tower Chief
Unknown as ATC Operator



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